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Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro
When Suzi Quatro literally crashed into the British pop charts in May 1973 with Can The Can. it was the start of a chart career that was to see her score more than adozen major hit singles within a six year period.

The daughter of Detroit jazz band leader Art Quatro, Suzi's professional career started in the mid-Sixties when under the name Suzi Soul she became a TV Go-Go dancer. She later teamed up with her two sisters to form The Pleasure Seekers, an outfit that remained together for five years and even at one point entertained the American troops in Vietnam.

It was playing in a Detroit club in 1970 that the then 20-year-old Suzi was seen by the top British record producer Mickie Most whose many productions successes included The Animals, Herman's Hermits, Lulu, Jeff Beck and Nancy Sinatra amongst others.
Most signed Suzi to his fledgling Rak Records label, and her first professional appearances in the UK were in 1972 when she toured with Slade. Her debut single Rolling Slone flopped but Can The Can made up for any disappointment, reaching number one in the British charts within four weeks and remaining in the top 30 for more than three months.

Suzi, wearing her trademark black leather, became a familiar sight on TV programme like Top Of The Pops, thanks to a succession of hit singles including 48 Crash which reached number three in the summer of 1973, Daytona Demon (number 14), her second chart-topper Devil Gate Drive (March 1974), Too Big (number 14), The Wild One (number 7), If You Can't Give Me Love (number 4) and She's In Love With You (number 11). Her success also spread to Europe, and in particular Germany where she scored a huge hit single, duetting with Smokie's Chris Norman on Stumblin' In.

Although a songwriter herself, many of Suzi's hit records were penned by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, a formidable songwriting team who during the Sixties also wrote many hits for Mud, Smokie and Sweet. Ironically though for an American-born singer, Suzi failed to break in any major way in the US. Can The Can peaked at 56 in the Billboard chart although she had some success with All Shook Up.The Stumblin' In duet with Chris Norman however, reached the top 10 across the Atlantic.

Suzi also released a succession of albums including Aggro-phobia, If You Knew Suzi and the eponymously-titled Suzi Quatro. By the end of the Seventies however her chart career was on the wane and, perhaps wisely, Suzi who by now was married to Len Tuckey, guitarist in her band, moved more into the general entertainment area. As an actress she appeared in the TV comedy series Happy Days, appearing alongside The Fonz, and most recently she starred in the West End revival of the musical Annie Get Your Gun - afar cry from her days as araunchy female rockstar.

Suzi Quatro and her music are indelibly associated with the Seventies but her considerable talents have ensured her a lasting career in showbusiness. This new compilation features many of the hits that took her high into the European charts during that decade, and ensured her a firm place in any history of rock and pop music.

(Напечатана в буклете CD Suzi Quatro - 1990 - "The Greatest Hits")

Категория: Исполнители | Добавил: ganko (2006-01-13) | Автор: Chris White
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